Kano to Engage Private Investors in Refuse Disposal – Kwankwaso

kano govKano state government is working out modalities towards engaging the private sector in the management of public waste.

The state governor, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso gave this indication during a meeting with representatives of private solid waste managers at the Government House in Kano.

He said refuse management remained a challenging issue which cannot be handled by the government alone,
in view of the enormity of waste generated in the state, which is caused by high population density.

The governor maintained that private waste managers have a vital role to play in ridding the environment of filth thus, safeguarding health of the citizens.

“We have provided 80 places to be used as new refuse dump sites in our effort to keep Kano clean in addition to the already existing sites we met, because of the demand for refuse disposal points”, governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso disclosed.

Governor Kwankwaso stressed that Kano state is now expanding and transforming into a mega city hence there is need for private organizations to complement effort of government to make the state safer and cleaner for human habitation.

Expressing his dismay over the attitude of indiscriminate refuse disposal in the state, governor Kwankwaso maintained said that this unwholesome approach to environmental management has resulted in various health hazards such as cholera outbreak, Malaria epidemic and other related diseases.

“We understand that today, even Polio is related to unhygienic practices that is why our government reintroduced house to house sanitary inspection, in addition to monthly sanitation to ensure that Kano state remains clean”, Governor Kwankwaso said.

He then challenged people of the state to join hands with the government in its effort to make Kano a cleaner and healthier society.

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