Kogi 2016: Igalamela youths endorses return of Ex-gov Abubakar Audu

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Igalamela/Odolu youths have endorsed the former Governor of Kogi State, Prince Abubakar Audu to contest the forthcoming Gubernatorial election.

Former Kogi Governor, Abubakar Audu
Former Kogi Governor, Abubakar Audu

The leader of the group,Mr Shuiabu Akpanyan said on Wednesday in Lokoja, that they were endorsing the former governor on the ground of his achievements which were second to none.

Akpanyan,noted that there had not been any administration since Prince Abubakar left government that has ever performed excellently like Audu’s government.

He urged every youths in Igala land to vote out the present People’s Democratic Party government in the state and vote in Prince Audu who would come and transform the state.

Akpanyan,stated that Kogi citizens has suffered enough in terms of getting democracy dividends,he said Audu would do more in bringing government down to the grassroot.

He said ‎they were optimistic that APC was going to take over the state very soon.