Kogi at 23: ‘We have nothing to show for it’ – Residents

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Residents in Lokoja laments over lack of development in the State in the past 23 years, which make citizens see no reason to celebrate the birthday.
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This was the collated views of Kogi state indigenes residing in Lokoja on Wednesday.

Mr Bamidele Arosanyin, a citizen of Kogi State who is a civil servant said he’s so sad that Kogi State is 23 years today and they are still on the same sport, nothing new has happened in the State.

He said no Tourist attraction in the State despite that Lord Luguard Once lived in the State, the roads in the State are very bad and ee are still celebrating the State.

“We have nothing to celebrate in the State, because we are still backward in the State and we need Serious development,”Arosanyin Said.

Farouq Bello who is a resident in the State but from Kwara State said they are still hoping for better days ahead in Kogi State, because the Government did not pay attention to basic issue in the State.

He said payment of teachers salary should be one of their major concern because the children are the leader of tomorrow and they have being doing nothing, that is very painful and uncalled for.

Bello said the aspect of bad roads should also be done because the State lack good drainage system which is causing some of the major problem, Government should also provide employment for youths because they will be leaders some day.

Mrs Fatima Okpanachi is a provision seller said she has nothing to say about the situation in the State, the people in power should look for a way out to turn the State to a good and beautiful State.

She employ the Government to partner with industries so that people will have employment and sellers will have buyers and make more profits with their sales.

Okpanachi thanked the Governor of the State for his efforts and asked him to do more so that everybody both citizens and foreigners will enjoy from his Government.

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