KOGI: Beware of Flood, says Deputy Governor

People living in flood prone areas of Kogi State have been told not to have the illusion that the much predicted flood would not come and remain in their homes but should heed the warning appeal and move to higher ground for their safety.

Kogi State Deputy Governor,Yomi Awoniyi,and Chairman flood Management Committee,stated this while on a sensitization/awareness campaign in Idah,Ibaji and Igalamela-Odolu Local Government Areas of the state.

The visit was on the need for those living on flood prone areas to move to higher ground and to also inspect areas proposed as camp sites for those that would be internally displaced if the flood comes.

The State Deputy Governor who was accompanied by Members of the Committee,said the State Government is presently concerned about the rising water level in the Rivers Niger and Benue now than it was last year,called on the people to submit themselves to protocols and move away from flood prone areas.

The advocacy on the need to relocate to higher ground, the Deputy Governor noted is aimed at creating awareness that the State Government is concerned and proactive towards the predicted flood.

He said aside locating suitable camps,the state will take the issue of data capturing of IDP’s,provision of schools in the camps, better nutrition and welfare for those that will be displaced as paramount.

Awoniyi said the prayers of the state is for God to guide and protect it through the flood when it comes,urged the people to leave their houses,secure their goods,move to higher ground and not leave in illusion.

With the experience the State gathered from last year’s flood, Awoniyi said the State with the technical assistance from the United Nations, National Emergency Management Agency is batter prepared this time than last year to make people live in some measure of comfort if the flood comes.

The Deputy Governor and the committee members visited abandoned Government Girls Secondary School and Inikpi camp in idah as well as Okpolo and Okologu camp in Igalamela Odolu among other places.

In their separate remarks,Major Musa,Chairman Idah Local Government, commended the efforts of the state Government aimed at finding ways of reducing the hardship of the people if the flood come said the proposed camp sites will provide better comfort for the people that will be displaced.

In his remarks, Dave Ogu,Chairman Ibaji Local Government,appealed for the reconstruction of the damaged Idah-Onyedega road to ease transportation in the area said last year’s flood brought untold hardship on the people.

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