Kogi Civil Servants Will Enjoy Better Office Accommodation Soon

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Mr Yanusa Nasir, the Special Adviser to the Kogi State Government On Millennium Development Goals (MDG) said Kogi Civil Servants will soon enjoy better office accommodation in the state.wada

The Special Adviser to the Governor stated this in Lokoja, Mr Nasir commended the Administration of Governor Idris Wada for the Completion of the second phase of the building of the state secretarial complex in the state.

He stated that the quality of work done at the new secretarial complex is a reflection of the good governance of Governor Wada’s Administration.

He said the new secretarial complex would go a long way in solving the problems of accommodation faced by both the Civil servants and political office holders in the state.

He enjoined the office of the head of service to ensure proper monitoring of equipments and re-orientation of Civil servants towards the maintenance of government properties.

He urges the state government to hasten the third phase of furnishing the complex as well as emphasizing that there is caution on Civil servants against any form of vandalization.

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