Kogi CJ Bemoans Judges Attack, Harps on Security Consciousness

The Chief Judge of Kogi State, Justice Nasiru Ajanah, has said that continuous attack on judicial officials is an ill-wind that will not augur well forcourt quick and fair dispensation of judgments.

In view of this, he believed that it was necessary to be proactive by sensitising the people on the need to be security-conscious.

Speaking at the security awareness seminar organised by the Department of the State Security Services, he explained that, “we must not tarry in the quest to engender an atmosphere conducive for our daily activities.”

He made it known that judges did what the rest of the people sought to avoid, stressing that “in view of this, judges do not have an easy job.”

According to him, “A judge’s decision could precipitate war or cause peaceful but fundamental change in the political complexion of a country.

“ In deciding cases , a judge is obliged to enforce laws laid down by the legislature or created by the appellate courts even if he thinks that such law or such appellate court ‘s decision is unfair, absurd or downright dangerous.

“In deciding cases the judge does not care whose ox is gored as his decision is to be made without fear or favour affection or ill will. “To that extent, therefore, the job of a judge is extremely dangerous.”

Justice Ajanah insisted that the danger of a judge’s job does not stop or cease at the expiration of that judge’s tenure, stating that years after, anything could still happen.

“For instance, in England in 1981 , there was this case of a man who was found guilty of the murder of a judge who had given him a sentence of 18 months borstal training 13years earlier.The judge was stabbed to death.

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