Kogi Commissioner praises dynamic women on less privilege

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The Commissioner for Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Mrs Patience Mameh, has applauded the Dynamic Women Group for being a philanthropist in lokoja on Thursday.

Mameh said she was proud of the noble role the group played in complementing the effects of government ,by touching lives of the less privileged through the provision and donation of food stuffs, cash to the less privileged in the state.

She’s lauded the uniqueness of the group and she also said she’s ready to collaborate with the group in the aspect of women empowerment in the state.

Commissioner encouraged people of the state to join hands with the group for women empowerment and to give to the less privileges.

The president of Dynamic Women Association Mrs Glory Ojochogu said that the aim of the courtesy visit to the Commissioner last week was to seek for her support and collaboration with the ministry, and to get support and loyalty from the present administration in the state.

Ojochogu said the association has gone out several times to give hands to the less privileges and to help the less privilege women and children to get gender equality.

She said member of the group were drawn from the 21 LGEAs of the state and they are all women with high integrity.

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