Kogi Flood Victims Go Spiritual over 2013 Predicted Flood

Last year Flood victims in Kogi who are still living along the water shores says they have began an inter religious prayer session in other to reduce flooding this year in Lokoja.

Interviews conducted at Kabawa and Ajara quarters area of Lokoja to get a first hand view of the water level on Wednesday in lokoja.

According to Mr Paul Ejiga,a tenant in the area said they had no place to go because there was no money to rent houses in the heart of lokoja.

“We have no money and Government is not helping matters, we have resolved to prayers to our God,”Ejiga said.

Mrs Ejura Sanni,a tenant in the area said that the flood destroyed her properties last year and she was at the relief camp for sometime but she said that the money given by the state government was too small to go and rent houses in other area of the town.

When asked how much was given, she did not respond saying that government should be responsible for that.

She noted that they were holding serious prayer sessions and hoping that God would come to their rescue this year.

Mrs Sarah Ogundele, who said she is a native of Ekiti state, said she couldn’t have moved back to her state since this was where she gets her daily bread, she urged the state government to please assist them in giving out the newly constructed post flood houses to them.

“I urge Government to please give us that are seriously in need of homes those newly built flood housing estate,” She said.

Ogundele, stated that the suffering was too much and it was not their fault to have bought those lands, saying that it was the State Government that allocated them.

Mr Yahaya Onushagba,an elderly man said it was only prayers that can help stop the flood this year, he noted that the river was increasing by the day.

He prayed God to have mercy on them so that they don’t experience what they went through last year.

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