Kogi Former Senator Dumps PDP to APC

Senator Muhammed Salami Ohiare and thousands of PDP supporters in Kogi State central senatorial district at the weekend decamped to the newly formed and yet to be registered political party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

Addressing a press conference in Lokoja, shortly after his defection with thousands of his supporters, Ohiare said he is leaving the PDP because he has no business with a political party that cannot meet the yearning and aspiration of the people.

He said the people have waited in vain for better life to be ushered into the state, saying that after 10 years of the PDP rule in the state what is still visible is infrastructures put up by the ANPP that ruled the state for four years.

Ohiare who was the governorship candidate, of the Action Congress in 2007, regretted that states that were created the same time with Kogi are enjoying better infrastructural provisions while Kogi state has nothing to show for it.

“I decided to leave the PDP with my supporters because If you are travelling in a vehicle that either breaks down often or too slow to take you to your destination for an important and urgent purpose, the wise thing to do is to disembark from it and take a healthier and faster vehicle. APC is the healthier in view of the performance of parties that formed it” he explained.

He stressed that he and his teaming supporters are tired of a party that operates the system of conferring the greatest good on a few clique while the greater majority of the people are being impoverished.

Receiving Ohiere and his supporters, Alhaji Haddy Amentuo who spoke on behalf of other chairmen of the parties that formed the APC said Senator Ohiere is a formidable force and in Kogi state politics.

He said his crossing over to the APC would strengthen the APC as well a sign to the ruling party that the opposition party would take over the leadership of the state in the next governorship election in the state.

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