Kogi Gov Idris Wada misses late Father Halilu who died at 100

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Kogi State Governor Capt Idris Wada, has described the death of his father as a big blow he is still yet to come to terms with.
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The State Governor made the remarks at the forty day fidau prayer of his father, Late Pa Hallel Ejiga Wada, held at Odu Ogboyaga, Dekina of Kogi State.

Capt Wada described his father as a man of peace, whose memory will linger in his mind and those of his other siblings.

The governor described the show of love by people from all works of life as reason that helped him to be able to withstand the shock, promised to emulate the good qualities of love and unity his father is known for.

While noting that death is inevitable and necessary for all mortals, the death he noted
brought him to the stark reality that what you sow while alive lives after you.

Capt called for peaceful coexistence of people of the state assuring that he will not weaver in selflessly serving people of the state.

Wada described his father as a man who impacted transparency and discipline in all his children,promised to hold in trust the mandate giving to him by the people.

The governor thanked people of the state for their large turnout and for their support all through the trial occasioned by the death.