Kogi Governor Frowns At Masquerades Disturbances in Lokoja


The attention of the Executive Governor of Kogi State has been drawn to incessant communal disturbances and traffic gridlock as a result of masquerade activities in the state capital.

More worrisome is the connection the perpetrators are drawing to the celebration of the victory of the Governor.

Alh. Yahaya Bello wishes to distance himself from the activities of the masquerades and warn the perpetrators to halt the disturbances as there are rules governing public gatherings and activities in the state.

He said the State Government has a lot of work to do and its objectives can only be realized in a tranquil environment devoid of chaos and unnecessary public disturbances.

The Governor appeals to law enforcement agents to weigh in the law on the perpetrators to protect residents of the state as he distances himself from knowledge or connection with the masquerade disturbances

The general public is urged to go about their normal businesses as the Governor promises to ensure safety of the citizens of the state against all forms of threat to peace.