Kogi Imam, Misau urges Muslims to accept Western Education for development

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Ustaz Muhammad Musdafah Misau has charged Muslims ummah to seek for knowledge through western education, saying no body can progress or attain development without acquisition of knowledge.

Misau, the Chief Imam of Nagazi Juma’at mosque in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi state, gave the charge yesterday in Adavi LGA during eld-fitrl prayer to mark the end of 2014 Ramadan fasting.

According to him , Islam is a religion that so much emphases on knowledge both western and Arabic education.

He added that the religion also frown at illiteracy, urging Muslims to strive hard to acquire knowledge to enable the succeed and attain development in life.

The chief Imam also urged Muslim brothers and sisters to imbibe the spirit of fear of God at all time, saying most of the problem people are facing these days emanated from lack of fear of God.

On the insecurity that have bedeviled the country in the recent time, the cleric called on the federal government to be sincere in the fight against terrorism, noting that Muslims condemn the ideology of Boko- Haram set.

He said ” Islam does not permit killing and does not allowed us to force any body to accept our religion, we are peaceful people and we want absolute peace in Nigeria because we don’t have any other country than Nigeria. We must join hands together with the government to stamp out any act of terrorism in this country.

“Miming, killing and destruction of property is not a way of Islam, I am pleading to Nigerians to assist the government in tackling this menace because innocent lives are being wasted on daily basis”

He however urge the federal government to under study how the Saudi government was able to tackled terrorism in its region, saying government alone can not do it.