Kogi JUSUN expresses optimism over Financial autonomy for Judiciary

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Kogi chapter of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) has expressed optimism that government would keep its part of the agreement on granting of financial autonomy to the Judiciary.
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Chairman of JUSUN in the state, Mr Daniel Adinoyi said government had shown signs of commitment to implementation of the agreement within the agreed 45-day ultimatum.

“After series of meetings with the Minister of Labour and other stakeholders like the Accountants General and Auditors-General of the states during the 21-day strike, on Friday August 1, we were able to reach a reasonable conclusion.

“At least, the government side was able to show commitment because we have been looking for commitments on the part of government to implement section 121(3) of the 1999 constitution.

“The section states that monies standing to the credit of the Judiciary should be paid directly to the head of courts. We believe that since it is a provision of the constitution the governors are bound to obey because they have sworn to uphold the constitution”, he said.

Adinoyi hinted that before the suspension of the strike, government side had agreed to implement the provision of the constitution but implored the union to allow for a three-month abeyance to enable them put their house in order.

The union, he said, declined because “They have had enough time since January 13, when a Federal High Court in Abuja delivered judgement and issued an order for the Executive to accord the Judiciary right to its funds as the third arm of government.”

“Now that they have suddenly realized the need to do the needful, we engaged them in a negotiation and consented to give them 45 days to grant the Judiciary its financial autonomy. So, an MOU was signed between us (JUSUN) and the government.

“Commitments have been made and we know very well that as responsible governments, they will not renege on this agreement because it is a constitutional matter. They have to be fair to themselves, there should be mutual respect.”

In case of possible renege, Adinoyi said; “Though we do not pray for it, we are Judiciary staff and that it why we chose the part of litigation first. We have gotten our own weapon too to press home our demands without being violent.”

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