Kogi needs more Industries to be Developed,says Tax Controller

Robin Njoku the tax controller of Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) Lokoja said, the state lack industries and this make the ministry not to meet up with tax collection.

Robin said on Monday their is no industry in the state and this make it very difficult for them to meet up with the annual percent.

“No industry in the state, the state is more or less like civil serbant state,” controller said.

Njoku said the turn up of the people is about 50% of the annual collection has been taken.

“The collection is low to that of last year, the cash flow is not as before because businesses are down, “says Njoku.

He said the found collection is very low and this affect the tax payer, because payers are the people with small business.

Controller said the state should engage more in industrial revolution which will also provide employment for people within and outside the state.

He further advised that the state should open interland with big industries which will add to the development and will also engage the youth.

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