Kogi News: Lokoja Residents Appeal to Gov Wada for healthy toilets

Some residents in Lokoja, the Kogi State Capital on Wednesday called on the state government for more and healthy toilets.

The residents made the appeal in an separate interview with the news agency of Nigeria.

Ali Jubril who stays in Kabawa, around old market said they need more public toilets and the ones they are using presently is not clean.

He further said the one they are using presently is not in a good position so they needs help from the government to improve on the toilets.

“I will rather use the river than to use the public toilet,” said jubril.

Jubril employ the government to fulfill their promise by building more public toilets and to improve on the one people are using.

Another resident Halima Yaya said she can never use the toilets because people that use the toilet always complain about the toilet.

“Am afraid of infection because the toilet is not healthy for any woman that love her health to use,” says Yaya.

She further employ the government to try and put toiletries for people that use the toilet and beg the government to help the poor.

She further said the government should care more about the people’s personal hygiene because health is wealth.

Mrs Bose Balogun who came to the old market to buy food stuffs said she always see the toilet but the toilet is not attractive enough for her to use.

She further said she did not see any demarcation or logo for both female and male toilets because any body can use any toilet.

“I love my health I will rather rush home and use my toilet than to use the public toilet”, said Balogun.

She further said the people using the toilet should try and take care of it sometimes because they are the one using the toilets.

Balogun further employ the state to try and build quality toilets that will be easy for anybody to use.

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