‘Kogi People Need A Paradigm Shift in Perception for Development’

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A member of the transition committee for the governor-elect Yahaya Bello, Mr. Edward Onoja, has said “Kogi is not working because we have left the administration of the state to professionals and insincere politicians.”

Bemoaning the situation the state found itself, he suggested a paradigm shift in the perception of the people, asserting that the potential of the state would not be realised under the present dispensation.

Onoja urged the people to support the political aspiration of Bello, noting that his credentials as an administrator would benefit the state.

He said: “Kogi is not working. We must say it as it is. The reason is that we have left it to bad politicians. We will not leave it to them again.

“We must bring our best, our experience, our entrepreneurship and support one of us, who is not a regular politician, but is an excellent administrator.

“Bello, 40, has served in the public service and he has a clean record. He started his company with two vehicles, but today he has a fleet of vehicles.

“We are talking about good governance and power shift from the old order to the new order. We are talking of a change that works.”

A new political atmosphere will be experienced when the governor-elect Bello is sworn-in on January 27, 2016.