Kogi SEMA Assures Residents on Readiness To Combat Flood

People resident in Kogi state has been assured safety with readiness to combat flood should it occur this year by the acting secretary of the Kogi State Emergency Management(SEMA) Mrs Alice Ogedengbe.

Ogedengbe, disclosed that safety measures were been put in place to bring flooding to its minimal level should its occur again.

Ogedengbe,noted that it was not funny last year as the flood caught the state Government unaware,saying that it displaced a whole lot of people.

She urged people living in the flood prone areas to vacate their building as the water level was increasing by the day.

She commended the State Government for the timely measures put in place to see that last year flood victims were not left to suffer.

Ogedengbe,stated that its agency would do everything possible to manage disaster in the state.

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