Kogi State is a Work in Progress – by Mike Abu

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The article X-rays the efforts of Governor Idris Wada in rebuilding decayed infrastructures amidst lean financial resources and several other challenges.

Kogi Deputy Governor Yomi Awoniyi and Governor Idris Wada
Kogi Deputy Governor Yomi Awoniyi and Governor Idris Wada

The people of Kogi State have always recognized and acknowledged Governor Idris Wada for his singular commitment to their well being and to the development of the State. On assumption of office as Governor, Capt Idris Wada adopted four cardinal development priorities as a platform for achieving the transformation agenda objectives of the state.

His priorities were Education, Agriculture, Health and Social Infrastructure. Despite lean resources accruing to the state in the last two years, and a huge salary wage bill amidst so much to be done, the State government under Wada’s leadership has continued to remain true to its mandate; working to provide much needed social services, geared towards the transformation agenda of the administration.

With very strong signals suggesting that Capt. Wada has kept faith to his vision of transformation,evidences abound that governance in Kogi State is work in progress. The capacity of the State and its people to have attained the present pace of development witnessed under Capt Wada as governor amidst the State’s rich untapped potentials, yet with limited available resources is now the new story on the confluence.

This feat is said to hvae been achieved through the subsidy reinvestment and empowerment programme, an intervention device employed in catalyzing some of the federal and state government special projects in need of funds. The intervention of SURE-P in Kogi State has produced specific value in the areas of infrastructure, provision of portable drinking water, building roads, provision of mass transit, improved quality education and also the reduction in maternal and child mortality,as areas which the State has performed creditably well.

Aside the provision of thousand of direct and indirect jobs created by the SURE-P, value has been added to the infrastructure that was already on the ground. The partial removal of the fuel subsidy by the federal government in January 2012 was aimed at conserving and maximising the oil wealth of Nigeria.

This in specific term saw to the emergency of a fiscal formula for the sharing of the accrued subsidy savings. With the mandate trusted upon the state SURE-P committee by Captain Idris Wada, the committee identified few critical infrastructures and social safety nets that will ameliorate the sufferings of people of the state living in rural areas.

The Kogi State SURE-P Committee through an established desire and a functional structure at the state and local government areas, supervised by Yomi Awoniyi, State Deputy Governor, has ensured the successful completion of about 600 projects by the State and various Local Government Areas in the State. It is pertinent to highlight in more tangible terms some significant efforts by the various Local Government Area’s aimed at mitigating the immediate impact of the removal of fuel subsidy and efforts it made in replacing the critically need infrastructure,as well as in employment generation in the State.

The projects which have been successfully carried out are in the area of bore hole drilling,construction of schools,supply of medical equipments and extension of electricity. Others are provision of transformers,supply of buses to ease transportation,youth and women empowerment. The government on-going investment in Agriculture, road, transport, education sectors etc, by the Capt Wada administration is to ensure one thing – Kogi State remains a destination of choice, caused by the potentials, that are galvanized by sincere and committed leadership of Captain Idris Wada.

So much may have been achieved within the past two years. For Captain Idris Wada,this is only a beginning of a new chapter for a state that is fondly referred to as confluence of resources and possibilities. Infrastructural development in any State is seen as the fulcrum for its Economic development. Strong signals in Kogi State suggests that Captain Wada is not only laying a solid foundation for the financial independence of the State,he is also working towards the agricultural and industrial transformation of the state.

The on going transformation has been made possible through the inflow of foreign investors who have stimulated the State’s economy. The political will and the enabling environment created for businesses and investment in Kogi State is certainly the catalyst for the attained development.

The journey for the Captain Idris Wada’s administration since its emergence has no doubt been challenging. The consolation however has been the introduction of scientific approach to governance, thus making administration in the state no longer business as usual. Bent on correcting the injustices and marginalization of the past, for a State that is least on the revenue accruing index in the country, the present administration has been able to harness untapped natural, mineral and human resources in making the State one to be positively reckoned with presently in the country.

Creative leadership and sense of enterprise by the Captain Wada administration has remained the Governor’s driving force. Today,through prudent use of resources, massive health, road and other infrastructures which dot the landscape in Kogi State, the state is now a work in progress.