Kogi State University Orders Seizure of Student Union Government Bus


The Senate of Kogi State University, Anyigba, has directed that the Student Union Government (SUG) bus would, henceforth, be in custody of the Security Unit.

A memorandum signed by the Registrar, Dr. Y.I Abubakar, Said the decision was taken after due consideration oof the Report of Student Disciplinary Committee which revealed that the SUG Director of Transport, Mr. Akoh Godswiill, drove the bus to Court Premises in Anyigba for Political reasons.

Senate, Therefore, directed that both the bus and it’s keys shall, henceforth, be forwarded to the Security Unit and kept there at all times.

Senate Further directed that the bus should only be released to the SUG if applied for and approved by Dean, Student Affairs.

It also directed that only the driver attached to SUG bus is allowed to drive the Bus.

Senate, therefore, directed the SUG president and the members of Exco to comply with the directive accordingly.