Kogi to Create Jobs with SURE-P Funds

yomi-awoniyiKogi State Government says it is set to begin the execution of its N2billion projects under the Subsidy Reinvestment Programme.

The disclosure was made at the end of Kogi State SURE-P Committee meeting presided over by the State Deputy Governor, Yomi Awoniyi, who also doubles as the Chairman of Kogi State SURE-P.

Briefing Journalists after the Committee’s meeting, the Spokespersons and Members of the Committee, Ali Atabor, who is the State NUJ Chairman, Dr. Idris Omede Commissioner for Health, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi,Commissioner of Works and Transport as well as Dr. John Alabi,Representing the Private Sector, said the State SURE-P Committee will also begin an inspection of a total cost of N651million projects , made up of 327 projects in the first phase of on-going SURE-P projects spread across the twenty one Local Government Areas of the State.

The inspection to the Local Government Areas by the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee of the State SURE-P is to ensure the judicious use of the 70% of SURE-P funds already released to the Councils.

The State SURE-P Committee after its meeting also disclosed that the State Governor, Captain Idris Wada has also approved the renovation of selected Educational institutions across the State as well as rehabilitation and equipping of a general hospital each in every Local Government Area and zonal health institutions in the State as part of State intervention using the funds accrued from SURE-P.

Similarly, the State Government, the Committee disclosed will in the next few weeks resuscitate the State transport corporation through the purchase of buses for the operation of inter and intracity transport services as well as the building of designated bus stops across the State to serve as loading point for the transport corporation.

The Committee spokespersons equally disclosed that towards averting the pit falls of the past when the transportation system in the State was mismanaged, Captain Idris Wada, the SURE-P Committee noted approved that the new Transport system be run under a Public Private Partnership arrangement in the ratio of 60:40 with the Government serving only as a regulator.

The committee also reiterated the State Government’s commitment and approval to the cleanliness,improved sanitation and construction of better drainages in the State capital using the SURE-P funds.

Similarly, the SURE-P fund, the Yomi Awoniyi Committee disclosed would be channeled into creating youth employment using Agriculture under its Youth Advancement Programme and other Agriculture intervention programs.

The Committee’s spokespersons disclosed that Youth Advancement Program which is a component of the SURE-P, has so far employed 4000 youths across the State.

The sum of N651 million according to the committee spokespersons has so far been released to the various councils for the execution of projects identified by the people at the council areas.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Committee of the State SURE-P Committee is to commence its inspection from Thursday this week to inspect the 372 projects on-going in various Council Areas with the aim of ensuring quality, achieving project specification and funds utilization.

The State SURE-P Committee also disclosed that the second phase of the projects for the Local Government areas is due to begin soon, will gulp another N1.4 billion which has been earmark to cater for critical areas of needs of the people as identified by stakeholders.

They Spoke persons added that towards ensuring that SURE-P project across the councils been executed using SURE-P funds are made identifiable and made distinct, such projects been executed by the councils, must be specified across the State through labeling.

The last trench of 30% of the project cost would only be paid after labeling and a final assessment by the State SURE-P Committee.

The State Government, the committee members disclosed, attaches so much importance to the success of all SURE-P projects, said having identified projects that have direct bearing on the lives of the people, the Captain Idris Wada administration is concern about probity, accountability and ensuring that funds meant for those projects are used principally for the purposes intended.

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