Kogi to establish coordinating Agency for Civil Societies

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Kogi Government is soon to establish a coordinating agency for Civil Society Organisations and other registered Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the state.
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The agency is to organise the organizations into a synergy for a formidable partnership with the state government to drive the economy and to harness the resources of the state for sustainable development in all sectors.

Yusuf Abdul Esq., Senior Special Adviser to Governor Idris Wada who spoke on NGOs in Lokoja noted that the government was interested in ensuring that the CSO groups in the state were organized into a synergy for sustained partnership to drive the economy.

“The effort is to harness the resources to the extent that those who are not feeling the impact of government immediately feel it through the CSOs that are also in partnership with government.

The agency, he noted will ensure a sustained government partnership with the organisations to enable continuity.

“It will be permanent that as government is coming into place, there is an agency for NGOs and Community Development such that as government comes and goes, the pact with the organizations will continue to sustain itself”, he explained.

The Senior Special Adviser pointed out that a bill to give legal backing to the agency was in offing saying that though an executive bill would have been faster but government opted to go by a private bill to enable stakeholders make inputs.

“The Civil Society groups will have an input. They will be able to see and address areas that could lead to short-changing them in the future. They have integrity to protect and cannot be easily bought over.

“The stakeholders need to be taken together to look at the bill holistically before we push and lobby it through the house legislation to become law and because of the good intension of government, we are sure the bill will not be delayed”, he said.