Kogi-West 2015: Yagba People Backs Prof. Lambo for Senate

inecThe people of Western Senatorial District of Kogi State are shopping for a credible, reliable and trustworthy son of the district to replace Senator Smart Adeyemi in 2015 general elections.

Adeyemi presently represents the district in the upper legislative house of the National Assembly.

The favoured candidate should ordinarily hail from Yagba Federal Constituency and by extension, Yagba East Local Government Area.

Our sources revealed that Yagba people as a bloc, formed a contact committee of people of like-minds to ponder on the challenges posed on the area by inadequate representation at the National Assembly.

The contact committee, our source further revealed, has contacted Professor Eyitayo Lambo, the former Minister of Health; a man whose contributions towards the development of Okunland as a serving Minister remains unprecedented and whose representation of Kogi and the country was adjudged remarkable and excellent. In their search for a man who is relatively close to his people and will identify with his people and a man who will not play politics with his peoples’ interests.

The contributions of Prof Eyitayo Lambo are viewed as an effort that cannot be over-valued hence the contact committee’s picking on him and appealing to his conscience to agree to contest in 2015.

The spokesman of the group, Prince Bolarin Inubiraye Ogungbemi said, “what we are seeking is someone who can feel for his people, someone who has proper understanding of his people’s plight and who will sincerely feel concerned for his people and not someone who will capitalise on the level of poverty of his people to play politics with their welfare and interests. And aside these views, if we go by the rotational principle practised in our republican enclave of Okunland, it is the turn of Yagba East Local Government Area. There is no need going back into the rhetoric of the past as we all know from the tip of our fingers that it is Yagba East turn for now”

Ogungbemi said the meeting of like-minds and opinion moulders as well as consultations would continue while the group collates all shades of opinion on the matter “and the aggregate will be used to produce the final position of our committee on the matter”, he concluded.

Culled from The Policy & Lawmakers Magazine

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