Kogi West 2015: Yagba Youths will support Hon Sam Aro, says Aiyelabowo

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Youths under the auspice of Yagba Youths Solidarity Forum has called on all Yagba indigenes to support Hon Aro as its representative in the senate come March 28th.

Sam Aro dumps APC for Accord Party
Sam Aro dumps APC for Accord Party

The leader of the group, Mr Banji Aiyelabowo, on Tuesday urged every youths in Kogi West to vote Hon Sam Aro for senate.

Aiyelabowo, who is also contesting house of Assembly under Accord Party urged the Yagba people to vote en masse for the Accord Party.

He commended several groups from the area who have shown their support for the aspiration of Sam Aro, said the senatorial candidate was the best candidate among the rest.

Aiyelabowonoted that if the Yagba people vote Hon Aro with a block vote,he would transform the area with different infrastructures.

He stated that he was certain that the Yagba people would not disappoint Hon Aro who has always been doing great developmental projects in the area.

He urged the youths to vote out the PDP as a party during the next elections, said Accord party would bring an all round change and development to Kogi State

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