#KogiGovRace: ‘Amoto, The Infectious unpopular Kogi PDP Guber Aspirant’

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On first contact, you cannot but notice the little known Banjo Amoto Moses (BAM), The charming seven-footers visit to our newsroom recently was infectious, his carriage is arresting. The corporately dressed young man in his early forties exude courage, charisma and value. His eyes panned the newsroom crew as a man given to details.

Who is Banjo Amoto Moses(BAM) was the question that immediately troubled the mind of his audience.

According to our guest, Amoto, as called in his native name Ebira is from Okene local government Area of Kogi state and an unadulterated entrant into the politics of Kogi state aspiring to be PDP standard flag bearer in the November 2015 Gubernatorial election.

Before our scheduled meeting with our guest, stories have gone round about the electrifying ambience of our guest. He did not betray this feeling as his presence in the newsroom was arresting. According to him, this is divine as he has struck a covenant with GOD for a divine project where GOD himself will be the anchor Man. It is therefore easily explicable the followership that has keyed into the project which he calls a project which he calls a project for all well-meaning, progressive minded Kogite.

Even though a neophyte in the politics of Kogi state, BAM is a known activist in his school days at the University of Abuja where he graduated as a double major in chemistry and computer education. With such academic background, it was not difficult for a desiring mind to work out the chemistry of a workable kogi state in a computer age. This he has taken time to do against the backdrop of available resources at the disposal of the state which he has espoused at every fora in his contact with the people. His target audience is every kogite that mean well for the state and particularly the young generation who bears the brunt of the maladministration of the past that has left in its wake, high level of unemployment, deprivation and despondent.

The reporters were agitated to know why the guest is coming into the race rather late. In his response, BAM said it was not how long but how well articulated and organized and that he parades a team of dedicated young and women determined to influence their generation to take their fate in their hands by being their own mobilizers. These activist haves designed a well thought out program that will reach every home in the state and particularly targeting those who are going to be delegated to the PDP primaries come September 10

In the one hour of engagement with BAM, our guest, the PDP guber Aspirant took time to espouse the vision to salvage his generation and by extension the people of kogi state from its present Squalor, deprivation and degradation. He took the newsroom crew on a historical excursion into the vision for the creation of state and wonder if that vision has been met. According to him, it is clear from his meetings one on one with the elders that the vision for the creation of Kogi state has been dashed. It therefore needs a visionary young man like him to bring it back on course and which and which is why he is offering himself to rebuild and recreate the Kogi state of the collective dream.

BAM finds solace in the fact the Old Kwara Province remain the bedrock of the old Northern region and cannot be said to have deficit in human resource base to galvanize the abundant natural resources that are largely untapped in the present Kogi state. He promised to tap on this God given human and natural resources to create the needed environment for entrepreneurial growth and industrial development.

On why Kogi has been slow in development, Amoto feels ethnic sentiments and misapplication of resources have been the bane. He decried a situation where the Government fails to think outside the box to develop the unique potentials of the state such that the different tourist sites and monuments are upgraded to be revenue yielding. He condemned the habit of going Cap-in-hand to Abuja month-in month-out for federal allocation that are dwindling which has left the state presently prostrate thus impacting negatively on the education and health of the people. It needs a selfless detribalised and development oriented personality like him to fix. He says he will redirect the affairs of the state out of the woods on the path of sustainable development as he has crafted an economic blueprint that is unbeatable.

By the time we were through with our guest the one hour spent rolled by without the consciousness of a wasted time. Amoto left no one in doubt that he is intellectually equipped with what it takes to take Kogi state to another level, but how much will the teaming kogites appreciated this young activist that represent a generational change in the race for the Lugard house remain to be seen in the days leading to the PDP primaries.

Etched on by a team of young,vibrant and mobile activists,Amoto comes across as an aspirant who is focused and well prepared to take Kogi state to an incredible crucible of development where all Kogites shall be proud to belong.

Godwin Itopa (Kogi youth league for more meaningful democracy)

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