#KogiGovRace: Group wants equity, justice and fairness in power sharing

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A non-political, non-religious and non-governmental group, the Mediators’ Forum has called upon the Kogi State government for balance in the leadership structure of Kogi state to allow for growth and development.

The group, whose membership cross across the 21 LGA of the state is drawn from men and women of like mind with the basic objective of ensuring good governance in the state.

They also protect the right and privileges of the minority groups and the less privileged, to educate and enlighten the people on the negative effect of corruption, ethnicity and illiteracy amongst others, said it has watched since the creation of the state 24 years now, that the state cannot be said to have progressed or developed.

The President of the forum, Mr. Philips Koleola, stated that the group, discovered that other states that were created about the same time have become the pride of their citizens, but rather than kogi state moving forward, it is rather unfortunate that it has been stagnated as a result of the ethnic hegemony of the Igalas that has held onto power for over 16 years.

According to them, holding onto power is not the issue, but so unfortunate that holding onto power has not in any way better the lives of the citizens of the state economically, politically, infrastructurally or otherwise.

The Mediator’s Forum also observed that retrogression, diversion, embezzlement of public fund, unprecedented corrupt practices with impunity with total disregard to civil service rules and many other vices has taken over the civil service in the state.

The group equally noted that kogi state is being controlled by a political class that is myopic, without vision, selfish and unpatriotic.

The governor is said to have surrounded himself with aides who are titled, Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and since inauguration have no office, no schedule of duty.

The group however appeal to the governor Capt. Idris Ichalla Wada to: Begin to hunt or search for a credible and patriotic son or daughter from either the West or Central Senatorial District to hand over power to well-meaning and patriotic kogites from East, West and Central districts to begin to form a sincere synergy that will bring about
transfer of power from some few people of the Igalas for the development of the state and the overall benefit of the people.

The masses of the state to begin to understand that concentration of power in the hands of a particular tribe in the state is not for the good of all. Therefore begin to think of living together in harmony and respect for the values of others.

Appeal for equity, justice and fairness and love for the dignity of other members of the state.

For the governor to give a face lifting status to the state capital. Appealed to all kogites to propagate the vision of the association to enhance peace, progress and unity in the state.

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