#KogiGovRace: I’m committed to attracting Investors, Improving IGR – Gov Wada

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The governor of Kogi State, Capt Idris Wada, has stated that his government is committed to making the state more economically viable by attracting investors and improving internally generated revenue to complement the state’s meagre resources.

Gov Wada procures nomination form for reelection
Gov Wada procures nomination form for reelection

The governor stated this yesterday during an interaction with journalists at the Kogi State Government House.

Governor Wada also stated that struggle for political power in the state should not be seen as a do-or-die affair, stressing that power comes from God and the will of the people should always be allowed to prevail.

He also stressed that nobody’s political ambition was worth the life of any other person in the state and that he had always maintained a non-violence stance in the governance of the state. He called on the people of the state to always remain law-abiding.

“Since I came in, I have focused on trying to attract investors to the state. We have signed a lot of Memorandums of Understanding with investors to explore some of solid minerals we have in the state.

“So, we have attracted some industries and a lot of small scale industries are coming up. We believe that, over time, with more of industrialization, our economy will improve and we have focused on agriculture as an engine for growth, job creation for our people rather than depending on federal allocation. We believe that, in future, agriculture will be the driving force of the economy of Kogi State. And with more people being employed, our tax will improve, our income will improve and our revenue generation will also improve and that will bring a lot of development.”
On his government’s approach to entrenching sustained security in the state, Wada said, “When I came in; in fact, right from the time of campaign, my body language was quite clear that I don’t support violence and that no human being’s life should be sacrificed for people’s ambition, and politics should not be a do-or-die affair where people could be killed to achieve a political aspiration. I believe very strongly that power comes from God.

“Also, only one person can occupy this position (as Kogi governor) at a time. Therefore, let us not fight over it but try to allow the will of the people to come into play. With that body language of zero-tolerance for violence, people saw that there is no sacred cow; people followed the law. I empowered the security agencies; I encourage them to ensure that people do not get away with crime.”

He added that the government was already repositioning towards making the state’s November 21, 2015 governorship election violence-free, stressing that his government would not relent in ensuring that security continues to reign in the state.

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