Kraków 2022 place main square at heart of bid logo, launches site

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The main square of Kraków has been drawn at the heart of the Polish city’s newly revealed bid logo for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.
Rynek Główny – which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is surrounded in the logo by a historic decorative design called Parzenica.

The design is well-known in the mountain regions of Małopolska.

The logo’s colours are also significant – with blue the visual identification of Kraków, and yellow the colour of the region of Małopolska.

“It is a simple sign that, on the one hand, symbolises our history and our uniqueness, but on the other is also very universal”, said Magdalena Sroka, Deputy Mayor of Kraków.

Rynek Główny has been Kraków’s social, commercial and cultural hub for more than eight centuries, and is the largest medieval town square in Europe.

It will host the medals ceremonies at the Games if the bid is successful.

The design is intended to show the logo is wrapped around the square, as the Tatra Mountains on the border with Slovakia embrace Kraków.

“If the IOC (International Olympic Committee) grants us the opportunity to host the 2022 Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games our square will serve the same purpose – it will be a place to welcome the world 
to celebrate the unique spirit of the Games,” said Jagna Marczułajtis-Walczak, President of Kraków 2022 Bid Committee and a three-time Olympian.

“Also, every night it will host the Medals Ceremonies thus offering an opportunity for joint celebration for the people of Kraków and spectators from all over the world.”

On Thursday (March 13), an all-female delegation arrived in Lausanne to deliver the Kraków 2022 Applicant File to the IOC ahead of the deadline the following day.

Earlier this month, insidethegames was told the hosting of Alpine events in Slovakia as part of the Kraków 2022 bid would help develop facilities and infrastructure in the neighbouring country and could boost its ski tourism industry.

Four other cities are bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games: Lviv in Ukraine; Beijjing in China, Almaty in Kazakhstan and Oslo in Norway.

Kraków 2022 has also yesterday launched its bid website

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