KSU: Students urge Kogi Govt to call off seven-month old strike

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The president of the National Association of Kogi State Students (NAKOSS) Mr Ohida Abubakar has urged the state government to call of the ongoing strike at the state university.

Abubakar in Lokoja on Wednesday said that it became imperative for NAKOSS to intervene in the issue since the strike was becoming longer than expected.

He urged Gov Wada to as a matter of urgency look into the matter and pay all allowances due staffs of the university.

He stated that some of the students were supposed to have graduated but due to the strike they could not serve because they have not been cleared by the school authorities.

Abubakar,advised the university members of staff and the state government to always consider the students before embarking on strike actions,said it was the students who suffers strike actions.

He urged the students to remain calm as the state government would do the needful as soon as possible.

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