KTH 2013: Winners emerge as Kogi Talent Hunt Season 1 Ends

Project #KTH was launched on the 28th November, 2013 which is aimed at discovery of raw talents in the youth of Kogi State.

Forms to participate in this talents hunt. The fact that the form was free attracted so many contestants within and outside the state.

The project attracted an endorsement from the Ministry of youth and sport through the honorable commissioner of the Ministry, Hon. Anthony Puke.

General auditioning for candidates who showed interest for the KTH took place on the 15th December, 2013 at De global hotel and garden, Lokoja.

Candidates trooped in their reasonable numbers but a total number of 31 contestants were ratified for the KTH show proper after a show off of good, bad and ugly performance.winner

The proper show began with the quarter final of the KTH which took place on the 22nd December, 2013 at de global hotels and garden. The quarter final witnessed performance of the thirty-one (31) contestants with talent ranging from singing, dancing, rapping, and acting. The Contestants performed brilliantly befor the Judges and audience.. At the end of the show, six (6) singers, five (5) dancers, one (1) rapper, a Drama group and a Comedian making the total number of fourteen (14) contestants who made it to the semi final of the show.

The following week (29th December, 2013) witnessed the semi-final of the KTH where the fourteen (14) contestants who made it to the stage performed and showcase their talents.

The judges performed their duty and the team of trainers (Faculty) made reasonable comments. At the end of the show, five (5) contestants were evicted, the judges saved one while the faculty saved one contestant each making nine (9) contestants standing and ready to dig it for the grand finale.

On new year day, 1st January, 2014, the much anticipated grand finale took place at De global hotels and gardens. This event witnessed the bigwits of the state where dignitaries like representatives of the commissioners, special advisers to Governor, Captains of industries, representative of the Governor’s son and representatives of all the sponsors were present ready to enjoy the show and witnessed the reality of the talent hunt show.

The special guests present at the grand finale made speeches, commending the innovation of such project by Gee touch world and events. They all emphasized on the positive impact of such project on the youth and its contribution to eradicating unemployment in the society.

The representative of the Commissioner of Works said in his speech ‘the government have been looking for ways to engaging the youths in different activity but a private sector has succeeded in making this a reality, there by commending Gee touch world and events who have been able to achieve this mission’

The final nine (9) contestants all performed in front of the audience, dignitaries, judges, and the faculty with their individual performance, but in all, a winner with something different and a stand out act is required to emerge

The CEO Gee-Touch World and Events, Grace Eleojo Adamu commended the Contestants who were bold enough to come out and showcase their talents. She further urged the government to come to the aid of youths who got passion to impact the State.

The long awaited final moment came where the winner of the KTH season 1was announced, all Nine (9) final contestants were invited to the stage. Six (6) were eliminated from the stage leaving the last three (3).

Tension rose to its peak in the hall till the hosts (Gloria and McAkpala) announced D-ALI the rapper as the 2nd runner up. The audience screamed as the hosts announced contestant 028- ISYBITZ (a singer) as the winner of the KTH season 1 leaving RICHARD- 003 as the first runner up of the competition.

The star prize of #100,000.00 cheque was presented to the winner with consolation prize cheque of #20,000.00 and #15,000.00 was presented to the 1st and 2nd runner up respectively afterwhich we witnessed the official closing of the KTH season 1 powered by Gee touch world and events.