Kwara PDP: Ajibola names Yinka Aluko as gubernatorial running mate

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PDP governorship flagbearer in Kwara State, Senator Simon Ajibola has announced Alhaji Yinka Aluko as his running mate for the 2015 governorship election in the state while promising to give autonomy to the 16 Local government Councils in the state when elected as governor.

Senator Ajibola made the promise on Saturday in Ilorin while addressing the press on his arrival in Ilorin from Abuja since he left the state after WINNING the governorship primary.

The governorship flag bearer also told the people that PDP believed in the act of good governance and judicious utilisation of resources of the state for the people and not for individual or personal needs.

According to the Senator, if elected in February and sworn-in on the 29th May, 2015, he would allow all the tiers of government to function in accordance with the dictate of the constitution.

“I can assure you, Kwara local governments will be autonomous, autonomous in the choice of chairmen, in the choice of councillors and in control of their funds”, he added.

Senator Ajibola however said that his responsibility as Chief Executive Officer of the state would be as defined by the Constitution which he said was supervision of the local government councils.

He promised the people of the state that he would not deduct a kobo from money accruing to the local governments from the federation account if elected governor.

“Apart from the statutory deductions, what is due to the local governments will be given to them”, Ajibola promised.

Ajibola said his victory at the primary was not for him alone, but for all who decided to put themselves forward for public service in their effort to rescue Kwara.

“I hereby plead with you all to put personal interests aside, respect the decision of the delegates and remind ourselves our pledges and promises to work together for the success of the party”, he said.

The flagbearer thanked the members of the party at the National, State, Local and ward level for conducting a free, fair, transparent and credible primary elections that produced delegates and candidates.

He commended his co-contestants for the courage they have demonstrated that PDP was capable of organising a primary without a self anointed leader.


Ajibola - Kwara PDP Gov aspirant
Ajibola – Kwara PDP Gov aspirant

“You have also shown to the world that you are all worthy ambassadors working towards the same goal.

“I salute you for the very peaceful and competitive exercise that resulted in the primary elections”, Ajibola said.

Ajibola promised that with the support of everybody in the party, the elders, women and youths, they shall rescue the state from the clutches of tyrants, sadists and oppressors.

He promised not to disappoint the party, the elders and chieftains of the party and also pledged not to betray the trust they have in him.

The governorship running mate, Aluko, in his acceptance remark, promised his total and complete loyalty to the party and the flagbearer.

He also promised that he would never betray the governorship candidate, just as he promised to do all within his power to ensure the success of the party at the polls.

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