Kwara2013NSSF: We don’t swim on sand in Kaduna, says Yakubu

Though Kaduna State came with the smallest contingent – 20 athletes and 16 footballers to the Sterling Bank-sponsored 6th National School Sports Festival, out of which some of them have been screened out for being over-aged.
In spite of the shortcomings, the state has won three gold and four silver medals in swimming, with more events yet to be concluded in the pool, something, which their director has described as unprecedented as far as the festival in concern.

According to the deputy director in the sports and health, Ministry of Education, Abel Yakubu, “people in this part of Nigeria, most especially those of them in the riverine areas thought we in the north swim in the sand because we don’t have rivers.”

People in the riverine areas think that by nature, they should dominate swimming but we have been able to prove them wrong,” the deputy director said.

“We have good swimming pools in Kaduna and the ministry of education is really supporting the sports department of the ministry. The present government is very interested in sports development in the state,” Yakubu said.

So far Kaduna State has won three gold, four silver and three bronze medals and are optimistic of more medals in swimming, track and field and male U-13 football, which they had qualified for the semifinals.