Labour Party Calls on Nigerians to Unite Against Bad Governance

The Kogi State chapter of the Labour Party has called on Nigerians to unite in taking back the country from bad leaders.

The party’s Publicity Secretary, Idakwo Emmanuel, made this call while felicitating with Christians on Christmas.

He noted that the birth of Jesus symbolises peace and unity. However, a few selfish individuals have crippled Nigeria’s economy and prosperity through corrupt and satanic acts.

Emmanuel advised Nigerians to reflect on being saved from corruption and bad governance.

He stated that it is time for Nigerians to stand up together and take back the country from the greedy people who have decided to destroy hope in the nation.

The Labour Party spokesman said beyond religion, ethnicity or region, Nigeria is the only country Nigerians have.

He urged the citizenry to defeat those few individuals whose selfish operations have damaged the nation’s economy and prosperity.

According to Emmanuel, unity is key to moving Nigeria from a consuming to a producing nation, which is possible to achieve.

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