Lagos Governor Fashola Signs No Smoking Bill Into Law

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The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola has signed into law the No Smoking in Public Places Bill.
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Governor Fashola who assented to the bill at the Lagos House, Ikeja, was optimistic that the law would further strengthen the State Government’s commitment towards protecting lives of the citizens.

According to the law, people who smoke in public places will risk a three year jail term.

The bill prohibits smoking in areas designated as non-smoking areas, including museums, public toilets, library, nurseries, day care centers and any facility used for the care of infants.

The law also mandates owners of public places to place signs with the inscription; ‘No Smoking’ or symbols as part of enlightenment for smokers and would-be violators of the law.

It also mandates them to create areas far from the vicinity where people could smoke. Non-compliance by owners of public places, according to the law shall attract a fine of 100, 000 Naira or 6 months imprisonment, or other non-custodial punishment that the judge may deem fit.

In the case of a corporate organisation’s refusal to place a ‘No Smoking’ sign or symbol within its premises, any personnel in the management of the corporate body would be liable to a fine in the sum of 250, 000 Naira upon conviction.

This may be a director or manager in the organisation.

According to the bill, anyone who repeatedly violates the provisions of the law, on conviction shall be liable to a fine of 50, 000 Naira or 6 months imprisonment or both. While anyone who smokes in the presence of a child shall be liable on conviction to a fine of 15, 000 Naira or 1 month imprisonment.

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