Lagos State University to refund N69m excess school fees to students

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The Lagos State University is set to refund over N69Million [Sixty-Nine Million Naira] excess school fees paid by the students for the 2013/2014 academic session.

This arose from the State Governments decision to refund to refund the excess to all Students who have paid for the 2013/ 2014 Academic Session.

During consideration, the Management of the University noted the directive of the Governing Council that all payments in excess of the new approved school fees regime should be refunded to students.

In compliance with this directive, the Bursary Department has been charged to commence the compilation of the list of affected students, the amount involved and to proffer an appropriate mode of refund.

After an extensive deliberation on the refund, the University Authority concluded that refunds will be made to students by Cheques and the comprehensive list of the beneficiaries, the amount to be refunded to each student will be uploaded on the University website, while roster for the distribution of the Cheques to beneficiaries will be made available in due course.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Oladapo Obafunwa commended the State Government’s efforts in repositioning Lagos State University for excellence and opined that the students, as well as the University Community will reciprocate this noble gesture by contributing their quota to the upliftment of the Institution.

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