LG Education Boss urge teachers on hard work in Ijumu

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The Education Secretary Ijumu Local Government area, Mr Joseph Funsho has urged teachers in the area to be dedicated to duty in order to reposition the education sector.

Students in Classroom
Students in Classroom

The education secretary of the area made the call during the meeting with head teachers and principals of schools held at Iyara, Kogi state.

Mr Funsho said one of the cardinal goals of teachers is building young minds stating that they have greater role to play in preserving the future of the nation.

He said education is the back-bone of development noting that the nation cannot afford to toil with the education sector.

He described the head teachers and principals as the gate keepers of the education sector saying they should take their Job seriously in the interest of the nation.

He warned both non teaching and teaching staff to avoid been lukewarm to their duty, he added that government is doing her beat to reposition the education the education sector in the state.

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