Libya Parliament wants ex-Gaddafi loyalists prosecuted within 90 days

The Libyan General National Congress (Parliament) has given a three-month ultimatum to former rebels who are detaining officials of the Gaddafi regime to bring them to justice.
According to the parliament’s second vice president, Salah al-Makhzoum, the decision was taken following the enactment of the law on transitional justice by the parliament.

‘The law on transitional justice entrusts to the Justice, Interior and Defence ministries the mission to take necessary measures to end the detention of the mainstays of Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorial regime, who are still detained by the ex-rebels,’ he told a press conference.

‘This law mandates the ex-rebels to hand over the dignitaries of the former regime to judicial authorities,’ Mr al-Makhzoum said, saying the three-month ultimatum started counting from the beginning of December.

Thousands of the former regime dignitaries are currently detained in prisons throughout Libya by former rebels.

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