LMC suspends FC Taraba official, fines 3SC and cautions Enyimba

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Three clubs, a coach and a welfare officer have been sanctioned by the League Management Company (LMC) for varying violations of the Rules and Framework in recently concluded games of the 2014/15 season.

An official of FC Taraba, Fada Dennis who serves as the Welfare Officer has been suspended from all Nigeria Professional Football League activities for the remaining games of the season.

The club officer was cited for assaulting Referee Bala Mohammed in Makurdi after the Match Day 14 fixture against Shooting Stars.

The LMC charged also FC Taraba with failure to provide adequate security on Match Day 14 after their match against Shooting Stars which allowed unauthorized persons to gain access to restricted area and which led to the attack on Referee Bala Mohammed.

The sanctions on the club includes playing one home game behind closed doors, fine of N500, 000 and payment of N250, 000 compensation to Referee Mohammed. Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) was fined N500, 000 for not providing proper security which led to access for unauthorized persons into restricted area, leading to the assault on Enyimba International Coach, Khadiri Ikhana on Match Day 13.

Enyimba International got a caution for fans unruly conduct after the Match Day 16 fixture against Abia Warriors at the Enyimba International Stadium.

Supporters of Enyimba were charged for “failing to show due regard to the authority and decisions of Match Officials and engaged in unruly conduct after the match which is capable of bringing the game into disrepute”.

The Club was therefore cautioned to guard against a recurrence as the stadium would be banned should such unruly conduct of their supporters occur again within the remaining games of the season. Coach Ikhana of Enyimba also had a fine of N100, 000 imposed on him for failing to act in ethical and professional manner during the Match Day 16 fixture against Abia Warriors.

Ikhana was charged with “going beyond his technical area and unto the pitch in the bid to confront match officials” before being restrained by security officials. The clubs were in accordance with the rules also offered options of accepting the decisions or stating in writing within 48 hours the option of appearing before a commission.

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