Lokoja Federal Medical Centre partners US Global PCCA on Drug formulation

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Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Lokoja, has collaborated with a United State based Pharmaceutical Company, GLOBAL PCCA to establish a Drug Compounding Unit.

These development which is the first ever in Nigeria, during an interview with the Head of Pharmaco-vigilance unit department, FMC, Lokoja, Pharmacist Lawal Mohammed.

He said “The Drug Compounding Unit is a unit under the department of Pharmacy created for the formulation of drugs for easy and effective administrations.

“The aim and objective of the formulation is to make the prescribed drugs by Physicians readily available to patients in their dosage forms without little or no side effect.

“The first phase of formulation is in Cream form for pain management, formulated from drugs like Tramadol and Amitriprinin. These two drugs were combined into one product for effective pain management which also enhanced the therapeutic efficacy of the components.

“Formulating these drugs into cream also minimize the side effect, which makes it more suitable for the patient to manage. The kind of vehicle used in formulating it, is such that can take the active principle deep down into the site of the pain.” Said Lawal.

He noted that the next phase of formulation would be for Capsule and Tablet which can be taken orally. While that of the cream for pain management is mainly for external use.

He said “our partner, Global PCCA based in US, supplied the machine, the active principles and all other raw materials needed for the formulation. They also trained our Pharmacists on ground here the formulation techniques.” He said.

The President of Global PCCA is Mr. Steve Ams.

Lawal also confirmed that this drug compounding formulation by FMC, Lokoja, happened to be the first in Nigeria and Africa.

“The shelf life of these formulated drugs is six months” He said.

It will be recalled that the Drug Compounding Unit was commissioned on Thursday 7th August, 2014. Many dignitaries such as Kogi state governor, DG NAFDAC, Minister of State for Health, among others, were invited. But majority of them sent their representatives.