Lokoja LG Health official Urges on Use of Public Toilets

Mrs Fatima Abubarka, the head of Department (HOD) Health of Lokoja Local Government has said that the people of kogi state should make a good use of the public toilets.

Fatima disclosed on Tuesday in lokoja that the toilets is provided for everybody and the toilets is placed in every local government words for people to use.

Fatima said the local government have their own environmental officers that take care of the toilet everyday, and they also make sure that the the toilet is in good condition.

She advised the people that stays in kabawa area close to the old market to make use of the public toilets and stop using the river.

Fatima further advised that is not healthy to pass faeces in the water that is publicly use by the people.

She further said the local government is still planning to build more public toilets to the wards that they did not have enough toilets.

Fatima commend the government for their actions and for taking the peoples health seriously.

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