Lokoja residents lament epileptic power supply in Kogi

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Residents of Lokoja in Kogi have reacted to the issue of what they call epileptic power supply in the state by the new owners of the power holding company, DISCO PLC.electric

We caught up with some residents and some stakeholders on the issue of low supply of electricity in the state in lokoja.

Speaking with some residents of Adankolo area of lokoja,according to Mr Abraham Olapehin said that electricity had become become a shadow of its self since January.

He said that some times he does not get see light in his house more than 1 – 2 hours daily,noting that it was too terrible.

Mr Ezeoba Ernest,stated that electricity had gradually dwindle in its supply since he returned back from Christmas and New year holidays.

He disclosed that his wife had just delivered a baby and his house needs electricity like never before.

Mrs Joy Ameh,noted that Light had become a thing of the past in her area,she said before now they used to have light at least every 3 – 4 hours daily but now sometimes they don’t even have all through the week.

She noted that the privatisation of the Power Holding was a curse instead of a blessing.

Mr Mommoh Jimoh,said before he travelled for Christmas there used to be steady electricity but since January there had been a very poor supply of electricity.

Mrs Ogeicha Ajide,described power supply in Lokoja and its environment as very low and poor,she said that Generating sets had taken the place of electricity.

“I buy fuel everyday to operate my generator, electricity is been very poor,” He said .

Mr Yemi Oyetunji,noted that the privatisation of the power sector was an avenue for top Government functionaries to make money, saying that it was not in the best interest of the citizens.

Mr Yusuf Ahmadu,said the situation of electricity was alarming, he said that they no longer enjoy light in the state,

“Even when they bring the light occasionally,its always very low in current,”Ahmadu said.

Speaking with some member of staff of the DISCO PLC office who took over from Power Holding in the zone.

According to Mr John Ugbede,a staff said the company was working assiduously to meet up with the demands of the people.

He noted that they are working on all the machines they met on groung and also upgrading some,noting that very soon every thing would be in order.

Mrs Omolayo Bello,noted that before the end of March light would have returned to normal,she urged the people of the state to please bear with them.

Mr Dan Abah,stated that the new company have been able to put so many things in place for the stations and its sub stations to function well.

He said he was optimistic that within a month to this time everything would have fallen back in shape.

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