Maigari: No ‘State of Emergency’ in Nigeria football

The Nigeria Football Federation has voided a ‘state of emergency’ purportedly declared by the League Management Company and the Club Owners on Nigeria football.aminumaigari

The League Management Company, with the support of owners of Premier League clubs, had ‘declared’ a ‘state of emergency’ in the domestic game as the bodies countenance the final weeks of the Premier League season.

Speaking in Abuja on Tuesday, NFF President, Alhaji Aminu Maigari decried the statement and said categorically that “there is no situation in Nigeria football to warrant the declaration of a ‘state
of emergency’.

“It was a wrong move by the LMC and the Club Owners. If there is a state of emergency in Nigeria football, it is the duty and responsibility of the NFF to alert the public and the world at large.

“It is not within the purview of the LMC to declare a ‘state of emergency’, which is not, in the first place, backed by any incidences or situation. We did not inaugurate the LMC to serve as an alternate NFF.

“There are better ways to deal with expected situations than being alarmist. Nigeria football is very much at peace and I can confirm that,” Maigari stated.