Mine Workers call for sacking of Nigeria’s Minister of Mines

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The Nigeria Union of Mine Workers (NUMW) has called for the replacement of the Minister of Mines, Mohammed Sada.

The union in a communique issued at the end of its quadrenial national delegates conference in Lokoja, Kogi State, said the Minister has proved incapable of harnessing the vast potential in the mining sector.

It also alleged the minister of failure to pay 17 years’ entitlements of the workers of Consolidated Tin Mines, Jos and those of the Enugu Coal Corporation.

NUMW’s General Secretary, Adekunle Obaro Laniyan called on President Jonathan to impress on his minister to rapport with the union.

He said, “Mining is one of the most hazardous job in the world, yet it can favourably compete with oil.

“South Africa has no oil but its major exports are solid minerals. Nigeria has the highest mineral quality.

“The ministry of solid mineral is not involving mine workers in its activities, while all policies of the government are to be executed by the work force. We consider that as a very costly mistake.

“We however appreciate the effort of President Jonathan in the solid mineral development programme, but we want him to instil in his solid mineral minister to rapport with the workers in order to make the minister understand the problem in the sector.

“We want Mr. President to give us a responsive minister who will galvanise the sector. I won’t like to pass a vote of no confidence in the minister, all I am saying is that he is not active,” he said.

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