Minister Lauds Nigeria Defence Academy for Academic excellence

The Nigerian Defence Academy has been lauded by the Information Minister; Labaran Maku for tremendous progress and academic excellence recorded which has helped to raise the availability of manpower and contributed positively to national development.defence academy

The Minister, who made this known during a facility visit to the academy, recently described the school as a premier university in the country. He expressed delight for the professional programmes and high standards maintained by the institution since the departure of the Indians.

The Minister noted that attention is now focused on the country for the training of military officers from within and outside the country, unlike in the 60s when officers were sent abroad for such trainings. He commended the nation’s leaders for establishing the institution and sustaining its progress and prints on the sands of time.

Labaran Maku also praised the President Goodluck Jonathan Administration for building on the foundation of his predecessors which has brought huge progress to programmes, initiatives and physical infrastructure.

The Minister expressed confidence that the introduction of the training on counter- insurgencies will be prelude to the attention being drawn to issues of cross-boundary criminalities across the world. Adding, the real wars to fight are those of counter- insurgencies within national boundaries.
He observed that the innovative programmes introduced in the last three years of the present administration are capable of raising professional, courageous and virile officers who are well groomed with the knowledge and skills required of a military officer. On investing on the institution, he explained that this will continue to increase. He further called for proper management and cost-effective management of the institution.

Maku noted that virtues such as discipline, commitment, loyalty and innovation are those that will enable the country win in the classroom and on the battle ground and congratulated the President for introducing the female cadet course which has experienced the best combatants.

Remarking earlier, the Deputy Commandant of the Academy, A. A. Zanna congratulated President Goodluck Jonathan for taking the country to new frontiers; saying this is a laudable effort to rekindle hope and faith among Nigerians.

The Deputy Commandant observed that the nation’s commitment and active role in international peace and security has fascinated the incorporation of peace support operations, counter – terrorism as well as counter – insurgency programmes into the institution’s curricula.

He commended President Goodluck Jonathan for reviving the institution which began operations in 2007 and listed projects for inspection to include – the gym which was constructed in 2011, a 3,000 seats auditorium which is presently 70% complete; an ultra- modern hospital, the weapon training ship under construction and a Central Bank of Nigeria – sponsored Centre of Excellence under construction, among others.