Minister Withdraws Rights of Youth Organisations, Orders Fresh Registration

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The Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung has withdrawn his right of recognition to the National Youth Council of Nigeria(NYCN), adding that the ministry does not recognise any youth organisation in the country for now.

The minister, however, stated that a committee will be constituted in the New Year, which will register youth associations that are prepared to work for peace and offer themselves to the growth of the country.

Dalung who spoke at the Gala Night marking the end of year celebration of the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN), expressed sadness over the tussle for leadership that has been going on in the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN).

He urged the youths not to allow themselves to be manipulated by some elders who do not want the good of the country.

“Nigerian youths have worked for change and change has come. They should move out of their cocoon. One of the cocoons is that they are divided over the question of leadership.

“I have continued to say that they have allowed the elders to continue to manipulate them. That was the reason that when I came into office as a minister, I found it difficult to take side in the resolution of this conflict.

“In a situation where I find six people laying claim to the leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, with so many court cases, I cannot waste time to see how it can be reconciled.

“More so, that every effort to reconcile them have failed. What I did was to withdraw my right or recognition of it as a minister. I have withdrawn that right so there is no youth organisation recognised by the Youth and Sports Ministry.