N100m Bailout Bribe: Bello Lied, Wants to distract Kogi Workers – Labour Unions


The leadership of Labour unions in Kogi State have debunked allegations by the state governor that it requested for a N100million bribe from the bailout required to offset workers salaries.

Speaking exclusively to SavidNews, state chairman of the Trade Union Congress, Comrade Ranti Ojo decried the tactics employed by the governor in deceiving unsuspecting civil servants.

He urged the governor to stop playing mind-games with the intelligence of the civil servants and do the needful by paying the salaries of the workers.

“The governor (Bello) has missed it – he was looking for a way to rubbish us (labour leaders) because of the demand we are making for the workers,” Ojo refuted.

“He has failed in his attempt to rubbish us. If he say we demanded 100 million and he refused to give to us – he should simply just pay the workers.

“Nobody has him asked anything because when we met him on Workers Day (May 1), we asked him if he had received the bailout fund after we heard rumours that the money has been released.

“He told us that he has got the bailout, though from a fresh application he did on premise that the initial bailout requested was padded by the former governor Wada.

“We had no input in Wada and his (Bello) bailout application and none of us knew anything about what they put together and demanded for as bailout, so when did we asked for N100 million to be inputted in bailout.

“He should come out and tell us what were the fictitious bills that were added so as not to add more loan burden on Kogi people.

“What is the offence of workers? He paid some people four months, some others three months with 60%. We suspected he has put the money in a fix deposit.”

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