N300m Scam: Commissioner Depoly Machinery, Set Aside N40m to Salvage Image

Kogi State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Barrister Ndamodu Ali has set aside a whooping N40 million war-chest to fight his real and perceived enemies in swift efforts to cover up his exposed nefarious activities.

Barrister Ndamodu has been fighting hard to wash himself clean by employing fire-brigade image laundry tactics.

In the last two weeks, Ndamodu has appeared on conspicuous pages of almost all local tabloids in Lokoja with an advertorial he sponsored using a fictitious association referred to as Coalition of Kogi Democrat (it should have been ‘Democrats’ but they were so much in a hurry that they forgot to correct the error in the nomenclature)

Sequel to the opening of Barrister Ndamodu Ali’s can of worms by our group, Kogi Grassroot Conscience (KGC), Ndamodu Ali has been running from pillar to post in a bid to clean-up his dirty linen.

He also arranged for press interview with a selected group of journalists in his office where he laboured to answer most questions the media gentlemen asked him.

One of the reporters he invited told us that his body chemistry betrayed him even as he tried his best to absolve himself from the naked charges against him.

The reporter told us KGC that he was sweating profusely during the interview even though the air conditioner in his office was at 160. “At a point he had to remove his cap when the odious sweat refuses to subside”

After the well oiled media cleansing, Ndamodu has reported beamed his searchlight on local government chairmen whom he believed have been feeding our group with information about his pilfering tendencies.

His next move, we gathered, is to launch a veiled media assault on the LG chairmen.

We were reliably informed by a source within his ministry that he has recruited some foot soldiers to compromise some Local Government staff especially account officers with a view to expose some of the LG Chairmen whom he suspected to behind his ordeals. Already, plans are being hatched to paint the LG helmsmen black in the public using different media platforms.

Preliminary attack point is the recent acquisition of N12 million worth brand new Toyota Prado Jeeps by some of the local government chairmen.

Ndamodu is presently on rampage armed with stolen wealth. He has vowed to deal decisively with all his enemies.