NASS2015: ‘I’m not aspiring for Senate to fill the gap’ – Dino Melaye

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…..says Smart Adeyemi lacks basic legislative intellectualism

By Gideon Ayodele
The Secretary General, Anti Corruption Network and Social Crusader, Otunba Dino Melaye made this assertion at press conference inside the NUJ Press Centre, Lokoja while officially declaring his intention to run for the Senate from Kogi-West Senatorial District come 2015.

Mr. Melaye said that the present and outgoing occupier of the Senatorial seat, Senator Smart Adeyemi lacks basic legislative intellectualism and that he has failed in the discharge of his legislative responsibility to his constituents. “For you to be a legislator, you must know the duty of a legislator”.

He however highlighted the three basic responsibilities of a legislator as 1. The act of law making,7 through the provision of bills and motions. 2.The act of representation. 3. The act of oversight function. On these three, he said he has proved his worth while serving as a Rep Member.

He told newsmen that his motto in life is that in an unjust society, silence is a crime. “Where I need to go an prostrate to get something for my constituency, I will prostrate. Where I need to beg, I will beg. Where I need to pray, I will pray and where we need to do gidigbo gidigbo, I shall do. The Bible says that the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force”.

He promised to do things differently when voted into office as Senator. “We will not only provide infrastructure development in the West Senatorial District but equally provide human development. When you bring water, schools and hospitals and the people are hungry, you have not done anything” he said.

Making reference to when he served as a member of the House of Representatives in Kabba/Bunu-Ijumu Federal Constituency, he said that he provided jobs in federal parrastatals and agencies of government for over 84 people.

“By the grace of God, we will make sure that we combine both infrastructural development and human development and we shall achieve result” he submitted.

On the said rotational arrangement, he said that APC as a party is a new party and has never contested any General Election before, and that who so ever wins, regardless of where he comes from, then, the rotation will start from that place. This he stressed by saying that it will be wrong for anybody to use PDP watch to tell APC time. The
reference to the fact that Smart Adeyemi is from Ijumu axis is a wrong calculation that is only applicable to PDP.

Dino Melaye equally described Hon. Sam Aro as a good man and a gentleman, but there is seniority in every organized society.

Sam Aro recently joined our party and even in beer parlors there is seniority and in APC, I am a V.I.P, he concluded.

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