National Confab: Okun People to demand state

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The president of Okun Development Association (ODA),Mr Paul Fadumiyo has said that the Okun people would agitate for the creation of Okun state at the National Conference.
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Fadumiyo in Lokoja on Monday said that the Association had earlier convened to discuss their position on core issues that affect it sub-nationality at the upcoming National conference.

Fadumiyo,noted that the People of Okun land wants a state created in their name and does not want to be in the north central geo-political zone anymore.

He stated that the people of Okun land want to go back to the south west zone of the nation,while noting that the okun people had never benefitted anything from the north central.

He noted that the Federal government had always neglected projects in okun land without completion,said the OMI Dam was one of such projects.

Fadumiyo,called on the nominees for the conference from Okun land to come out with one voice at the conference.