National Confab: Why Yoruba People in Kogi, Kwara Want to join South-West — Delegate

A delegate to the National Conference, Dr Femi Obayori, has called for the restructuring of the country along ethno-cultural line, saying such will give minority tribes in some states a sense of belonging.

He said the conference should make arrangement for people, especially those who are minority in some states to be relocated to their areas of preference through a referendum.

Obayori, who is at the conference on the platform of Ethnic Nationality from the South West, said the Yoruba people in Kogi State had come to the conference to press for the creation of a separate state which he called Okun State.

He added that since the issue was not being given serious attention, they resorted to what he called ‘Plan B’ by submitting a memorandum to the conference that they be relocated to any of the Yoruba states with preference for Ekiti State.

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