Nationwide Protest, Live TV Coverage Under Plan By IPOB

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has revealed that the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra has left them with no choice but to take proactive step that will shake the world.

Vanguard reports that in a statement jointly signed by its spokesmen Emma Mmezu and Dr Clifford Iroanya, IPOB said it will soon renew its nationwide protests and also putting in place a television technology that will be used to broadcast Nigeria’s activities live.

The group emphasized that Kanu has been advised not to eat food even those brought by family relatives in order to avoid food poisoning. The group warned that if anything happens to Kanu in prison, Nigeria will feel the brunt of its reaction.

The statement read: “Our resumption of protest is imminent but for understandable reasons we can’t give you details yet. We are putting in place our TV technology so the whole world will watch it live online and gain firsthand knowledge of the brutality of the Nigerian Army.

“We are IPOB and we do things in a unique way, so our next outing will shake the whole earth. The worst mistake this government did is to arrest our leader and now they are beginning to discover how formidable we are.

“Death to us is nothing, freedom for Biafra is everything. Those governors from southeast state who have decided to bring them selves out as argent of the APC led government in Nigeria will soon know the stuff IPOB is made of at the appropriate time.

“In response to what some South East Governors are doing, IPOB does not expect our elders and leaders to support us openly, we know that not all of them are trust worthy. IPOB worldwide decided to be doing and piloting this struggle without them at this point in time, till the appointed time” IPOB denied the claim that Kanu wrote a letter to President Buhari pleading for his release.

The group confirmed however that Kanu indeed wrote a letter to the British government asking them to push for his release since he was a British citizen.

“It is repeating the obvious to state that Mr Kanu is a full British citizen, by virtue of which position he is entitled to all rights, privileges and protections guaranteed under the British Laws and convention.”

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